The Keeper of the Kumm

A modern journalist reluctantly follows ‘The Call’ of a Bushman Rainmaker and they join forces to heal a fractured people. Their story started 200 years ago. ‘The Keeper of the Kumm’ goes in search of personal as well as collective histories and celebrates African mysticism along the way. A bold narrative that engages with //Kabbo, […]

Project Spear Media Coverage

Noseweek Cover Story The latest on the Project Spear debacle and the SABC’s ominous silence…


VIA – Vision In Africa was established in 2006 and has rapidly grown to be a formidable force in the media industry with pan African activities and international training networks. In a rapidly expanding market quality programming is a valuable commodity. VIA was launched to develop media products with a strong African flavour for audiences everywhere. […]

Our Work

VIA’s track record across Africa is impressive. Our main projects include The Keeper of the Kumm transmedia initiative, a TV series called Sanguru, recently completed documentary films as well as broadcast media development and training. The Keeper of the Kumm, written by Sylvia Vollenhoven, will be published by Tafelberg to coincide with two decades of South African democracy in 2014. […]


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